Creative sketchs in Codepen


CodeVember is a challenge for developers creating a creative sketch by day during the whole month of November. CodeVember was created by Arthur Rob and Valentin Daguenet, front end developers, also Gobelins students from 2014 to 2016.
For this animation, we used SVG for the shapes and TweenMax for the animations.

ThreeJS particles

ThreeJS shader with SphereGeometry and particle system. Animated with parameter y, with mod() function

ThreeJS Makis

ThreeJS experiment made with CylinderGeometry and custom material to create our makis. We also used TweenMax for rotation animations. You can order salmon, avocado or tuna makis!

Created with

This experiment is a particle system in canvas 2D with 3 shades of pink. Mousemove interaction with particles.