Gobelins - Editis


The project

We imagined Locomo as an interactive iPad app. It’s a kind of adventure where children become pilots. Using their tablets and knowledge of French, children lead adventures through the world. Important civic educational topics are at issue.


Locomo welcome children to discover New Zeeland with the rugby, and learn more about the equality between men and women. During the story, the kids are holding the tablet horizontally. Then it’s the children’s turn to play. They just have to turn the tablet and hold it vertically. They become active and can lead the adventure with playful French grammar games.

Demo & technos

The main functionalities to develop where the changing of orientation (landscape or portrait), the iPad gyroscope for device motion detection, drag and drop games, score registration, the lock and unlock process and the custom video player. We build a native iOs app for iPad and used Objective C language to develop it.

Created with

This project was created during our first year at Gobelins school, in partnership with Editis (Editions Nathan). The main goal was to suggest an interactive way of fighting against the Academic failure in primary school.

We participated at “Futur en Seine” festival at “La Gaité Lyrique” in Paris, with Editis. We showed our project at the event and experimented a phase of user test. Some kids came to us and played with Locomo.